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Felton & Felton specializes in premises liability in Twin Falls, ID.

Premises Liability Attorney in Twin Falls, ID.

Premises Liability is the liability incurred by a landowner for certain torts that occur upon the real property owned by the land owner.  This can range from things like injuries caused by a variety of hazardous conditions, including open excavation, uneven pavement, standing water, crumbling curbs, wet floors, uncleared snow, icy walks, falling objects, inadequate security, insufficient lighting, concealed holes or defects.  In order for premises liability to occur there must be negligence, along with a breach of duty of the care and damages.

Felton & Felton Attorneys cares about your safety. We work with many premises liability cases in Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding areas. We would be glad to offer a free consultation if you need help.

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